Xbox One Controller Sound Enhancer Stereo Headset Audio Adapter

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LED Button | Headphone Jack | EQ Modes | Investigation Mode

This Xbox One Stereo Headset Audio Adapter, plug and play, mini and lightweight, can help to effectively capture sound details and accurately locate the sound source direction. LED buttons design allow you to clearly distinguish the buttons in the dark.

Headphone Jack

For Xbox controller with headphone jack, easy to install, plug and play.

Investigation Mode

Sound source amplification, accurate positioning of sound source direction, effective capture of sound details, in a variety of noisy environment, effective capture of further and more subtle voice.

Vocal Patterns

Not tight can weaken 90% of ambient sounds, but also accurately recognize the player's voice, even in a noisy environment, can communicate very clearly.

Music Mode

Stereoscopic and exquisite reproduction of human voice and musical instrument sound, strong low frequency, full intermediate frequency, rich high-frequency analytical power, with headphones, just like going to the concert scene.

Movie Mode

Restore movie sound through virtual surround 7.1 HD, accurate sound positioning, wide sound field, no matter big scene or small scope, can let the user feel like the scene.

Game Mode

Restore the 3D sound field of the headset. You can distinguish the left and right environment without being too tight, and you can also hear the sneak attack behind you, so as to gain insight into opportunities and predict in advance

LED Button

Cool LED button, don't be afraid of the night.


Material ABS
Working Voltage DC 3.0V-3.6V
Plug Expansion Port + 3.5mm Audio Jack
Product Weight 15g
Product Size 56 x 24 x 40mm
Package Contents1 x Audio Adapter
1 x User Manual
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