Wireless Controller for Switch/Switch Lite/PC

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6-axis gyro | double motor vibration | turbo function | one-key wake up the console | four macro programming back keys | RGB dazzling light

The wireless controller is compatible with Switch/Switch Lite/PC platforms. It is featured with adjustable three speed burst function and 8 colorful LED lighting effect - cool and domineering. The macro programming back keys enable multiple actions completed with one key. Crafted by a professional controller design team with high appearance and great feeling, it supports six-axis gyroscope to enrich direction, jumping,gun pressure and other somatosensory play.

Motor Vibration and Adjustment

Four-speed motor vibration effect, real feedback, let you be on the scene.

6-Axis Gyroscope

The six-axis gyroscope is rich in directions, jumping, gun pressure and other somatosensory gameplay, bringing you a better gaming experience.

Turbo Function

Three-speed turbo function, the turbo speed can be adjusted. There are three speed gears of 8Hz, 12Hz and 15Hz. The default is 12Hz. Press T button and cross button (UP) to speed up.

One Key Wake Up the Console

Press and hold the HOME button, the LED light flashes to wake up the Switch console and automatically reconnect the controller. The remote controller can wake up the console conveniently and quickly.

Fou Macro Programming Back Keys

All 14 buttons can be set, multi-actions which can be completed by one key.

RGB Dazzling Light

When the controller is turned on, the 8 colors of blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple and pink will be set circularly. Continuously press T button for 3 times to turn off the dazzling light and then press T button 3 times to turn on the dazzling light.


Model SW531
Material ABS
Compatible Model Switch/Switch Lite/PC/Android
Product Weight 186g
Product Size 156 x 63 x 116 mm
Package Contents 1 x Wireless Controller
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