OSSC HS-NES111 HD Video Converter Game Console Video Converter

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The Open Source Scan Converter is a low-latency video digitizer and scan converter designed primarily for connecting retro video game consoles and home computers to modern displays. It converts analog RGB or component video signals into a digital format, and doubles (or triples) the scanlines of a single frame if necessary to generate a valid mode for digital TVs or monitors.


  • Excellent picture and sound quality on a HDMI PC monitor or TV. Convert VGA to DVI /HDMI. Connect Dreamcast directly to the unit and enjoy HDMI processing for all games.
  • Support for 240p, 480i, 288p, 576i, 384p, 480p, 576p. Unlike other scalers, such as the XRGB Mini, OSSC works on a single scan line instead of one frame at a time, which means there is no input delay. Convert SCART and Component to DVI / HDMI.
  • When connects retro consoles to your TV, this product converts the image into a 480p or 720p (where compatible) image that is correctly displayed and processed. EVERY special effect, from 240p drop shadows to striped sprites, is rendered correctly.
  • Converts SCART and Component to HDMI. For example, feed in a 480p component video signal from a Wii and get out a perfectly processed 480p HDMI or DVI (with a simple adapter) image.
  • Convert VGA to HDMI. Connect a Dreamcast directly to the unit and enjoy HDMI processing of all your games, not just those that support 480p.
  • Convert analogue audio to digital HDMI. Analogue audio from your retro games console will be converted to digital audio and injected into the HDMI/DVI output (requires compatible TV, processor or AV receiver. Analogue audio output is still available for setups where this is required).
  • Could be used in almost all over the world. Voltage AC 110V-220V. Go with plug adapters for USA, UK, Australia and Europe.
  • Specification

    Brand OSSC
    Model HS-NES111
    Support Input Resolution 240p / 288p / 480i / 576i 15khz, 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080i 31khz
    Support Output Resolution 480p/ 576p/ 720p/ 960p/ 1280×960/ 1280×1152/ 1080p/ 1600×1200
    Video/Audio Interface Yes
    Operating Systems Multi-system availability
    Console Accessories Type Game machine memory
    Scope of Application Sfc ps ss xbox sfc md ss ps ps2 xbox wii
    Product Size 29 x 22 x 7cm
    Package Contents1 x HDMI Converter
    1 x Remote Control
    1 x Power Supply with 4 Plugs(UK/ EU/ AU/ US)
    1 x User Manual
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